Google Testing New Sponsored Results In SERPs

by Christopher Wendels on november 21, 2013

Just caught this in the wild in Germany.

New Google Sponsored Results Layout

New Google Sponsored Results Layout (Full Size Image)

Any thoughts?

A Tribute to Corp. Speak and Why I Love The Start-Up

by Christopher Wendels on augusti 27, 2013

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Going forward I see myself staying in the start-up scene. The drill-down mentality of the corporate world with its focus on end of play feels stifling.

I make sure to touch base with friends still in the corporate space from time to time. We talk about meeting up again, or that venue heading to town, and at best I get an inane, “It’s on my radar“. For me, leaving the corporate environment was a no brainer. I aim to be and work with best of breed, which is hard when you are constantly pushed toward the low hanging fruit.

My advice to those unwilling to make the move is to reach out to colleagues who have learned to dive deeper. The most important thing is not to think outside the box, but to keep that positive momentum. I have a lot on my plate and at the end of the day when I run the numbers I need to feel it has all been worth it.

When I touch points with my mentor he will tell me, “Keep your eye on the ball“. If you lose sight of that you will need to head back to the drawing board and that can be frustrating. The hard part is often to get the ball rolling and keeping that up is what gets you bang for your buck. Once you are on your way focus has to be to close the deal.

In a corporate world things can really spin out of control when the rubber hits the road as everyone scrambles to gain the most or lose the least. Shift paradigm and really move the needle is easier in a start-up where every day at least should be game-changing. What point is there if you are not trying to move the goal post.

Value added for the client is always going to be win-win at a start-up, that is not always the case for larger corporations. Across the piece I am a lot happier in this environment. One day I hope to bring that type of culture with me to a larger organization and not be forced by HR to leave it at the door. Until then it’s all hands on deck.

This piece is based on Bernard Marr’s article, which is worth the 72 seconds it takes to read it. Especially if you had time to read this.

My Public Posts (And Why Private Doesn’t Exist)

augusti 8, 2013
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Contrary to what some companies want you to believe, very little of what you share or post privately online is actually private. More importantly, you have little or no influence over who has access to what information past the first share. There is no control. I am not talking about current alleged NSA activities, although [...]

The Internet Is Neuland For Everybody

juni 19, 2013

Angela Merkel just responded to questions on PRISM and the claims of NSA espionage. This due to President Obama visiting the German capital today. Her response was nothing short of legen- wait for it -dary. Embed video: Merkel in the video states: The Internet is uncharted territory for all of us. Mind = blown. Twitter [...]

Probably one of the most desirable laptops… in the world!

april 11, 2012

I haven’t posted in a while but this SSD 830 BITURBO from HARDWRK is just too cool not to post about! I’ll let the specs from the website speak for themselves. Currently fastest Apple MacBook Pro 13″ as base (2,8GHz i7, Status as of 04/2012) Currently maximum possible RAM (2x 8GB Samsung Dimm = 16GB) [...]

Wing Chun SEO Principles

augusti 22, 2011
Wing Chun Style SEO Kung Fu

Kick no higher than the waist Do not place anything other than the most important information or call to action above the fold. Once you gain a user off the SERPs, you do not want that user bouncing back. Hold them with compelling content, and strike below with optimized content and links. Make use of [...]

Matt Cutts: rel=’canonical’ed pages can pass PageRank

juli 13, 2011

UPDATE: Since writing this I have worked at Google. I decided when I joined Google to leave any previous posts untouched – to neither confirm or deny any information. I would however, like to clarify that the issue here is if links on canonical pages will influence the ranks of their target pages – or [...]

Google Plus Invites Don’t Work

juni 30, 2011
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UPDATE: I got in shortly after this post was originally published, and all friends I have sent invites to are also part of the experience at this point. Incase you got invites and can’t get in to Google+ – you need not feel alone.

Barcamp: Google Analytics vs. Piwik

november 12, 2010
Barcamp Hamburg: Analytics vs. Piwik

I thought I was going to get a hands on GA vs. Piwik – what are the tools’ key differences and why is Piwik better? presentation. Wrong. The theme was generally along the lines of Google is Evil. The speaker started out by speaking against Google with “they steals my datas… zOMG”! Step two was [...]

Linking to Unsecured Streams Illegal in Sweden

november 11, 2010
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I never thought I would see the day. A newspaper reported (link in Swedish) on the outcome of a trial yesterday. The paper is a little off the mark (link in Swedish), but I’ll sum up the details. What the Hockey-Linker Did The Hockey-Linker, as he is known in Sweden, shared a link on his [...]