Barcamp Hamburg: Analytics vs. Piwik

Barcamp: Google Analytics vs. Piwik

by Christopher Wendels on november 12, 2010

I thought I was going to get a hands on GA vs. Piwikwhat are the tools’ key differences and why is Piwik better? presentation.


The theme was generally along the lines of Google is Evil. The speaker started out by speaking against Google with “they steals my datas… zOMG”! Step two was a general Cookie-onslaught. This was all in line with the German anti-openness laws and general views of the German public.

10 minutes in we still hadn’t gotten to the Piwik … but Google-bashing is alive and well at the Barcamp.

15 minutes in we were still on the “Google has a profile on you and knows everything you do”-speech. Get to the point already…

Ever tried deleting data at Google

20 minutes in we were still on the Evil Google bandwagon. The first thing presented not a below-the-belt tackle on GA was a screen shot of a website with a “Do you as a user wish to be tracked by this website? – Y/N”.

This was a clear cut case of false advertising. Or maybe it was just my brain low on coffee, and everyone else in the room knew what they were getting into. A quick look around told me, um, no.

Back to the session and at 25 minutes we finally got to the screenshots. Very long story short. Piwik does not even come close to GA, but good luck with that. I’m not against using Piwik – on the contrary, it will probably be a great tool some day. For me it won’t cut it though.

So, what was the whole point? The presentation was based on the argument that you can’t use Google Analytics in accordance with German data-protection laws. Enter PION Analytics and guess what? Yup – you’re argument is invalid. Sorry.