Chrome Extensions No SEO Should Be Without

by Christopher Wendels on oktober 16, 2010

I recently posted about my switch from Firefox to Google Chrome. In that post I covered how to set up multiple user profiles in Chrome. I mentioned in that post that I was able to finally make the switch because Chrome can (sort of) do all the things Firefox can used to be able to do.

Screengrab! for Chrome
Screengrab for Chrome
If you were a happy user of Screengrab! in Firefox, then Chrome will be a disappointment to you. However, Screen Capture (by Google) offers a little less than Screengrab! but does have some extra features. Other extensions have a lot more functions, but simplicity is key for me. What sold me on this one apposed to other extensions was the blur-out feature. I take a lot of screenshots of sensitive data, and having the blur-out one click away just saves time.

ShowIP for Chrome
ShowIP for Chrome
I used ShowIP and loved it in Firefox. The Chrome extension Site Geo IP Locator is actually one up. So you need to click to see the IP you are on, but when you do you see the location straight on the map. As with Screen Capture you get used to it. Different does not mean worse I guess.

SearchStatus for Chrome
SearchStatus for Chrome
This was probably the hardest part to figure out as SearchStatus was my go-to tool. I must have gone through about 20 so-called SEO extensions before I settled for PageRank Status. There are a lot of other extensions, but most of them have critical failures that render them, well, useless.

Highlight Nofollow Links in Chrome
Highlighting nofollow links in Firefox used to be as easy as right-clicking SearchStatus and selecting “Highlight nofollow links”. Chrome actually has a nice extension called, you guessed it, Nofollow. I actually like this extension better than what I used to use in Firefox. However, you need to tweak the CSS a bit. Otherwise it’s actually kind of crap. Lucky for you, I did the hard part. Just copy-pasta:

outline:solid pink !important;
background-color: pink;

outline:dotted pink !important;

Whatever you were using before, it was probably better, or faster, or slicker. Once you get used to your new tools, though, you won’t want to go back.