DoFollow – The Road Not Taken

by Christopher Wendels on september 14, 2010

Do not follow links, do not collect anchor text

I was just over on another blog with two things worth mentioning.

The first is that the site uses a WP-Plugin called commentluv. (today we also define irony)

It is not a comment system plugin I like, nor am planning to use it since I use the DISQUS comment system. I feel that DISQUS adds community value and is great for engagement. One of the reasons I’m not a fan of commentluv is the sudden need for a comment policy.

The comment policy was the second thing worth mentioning. I read this. The whole thing. I really liked it. However, seeing as I didn’t want to come off as a comment-spammer, I decided to write this post instead. One could say that commentluv is counter-productive. Instead of finding a blog with interesting content and adding my thoughts to those pages, I opted for leaving the first comment I made on another post and then just not saying anything else. Of course, someone is going to tell me that since I now wrote a post the result is even better. *deep breaths*

I have probably viewed 20 blogs in the past 24 hours. How many have I linked to? I linked to this particular individual blog because it had great content and helped me make a point.

With DISQUS I have less work with moderation and I can have more community interaction. That is what I am looking for. Sure, commentluv might get you more traffic (to be discussed), but DISQUS offers more engagement. When someone posts a comment here, it’s to say something. They do not say something to get a link. Huge difference.

I will not be implementing dofollow on this blog. What I will be doing is spreading some love in a different way. Anyone who engages on my blog obviously has shared interests with me. I’ll pop onto their site form time to time and add it to my feed. Once I see or read something nice, I might just write a post about it – and violà, the links are there for all to see.

What I have considered is adding a dofollow-whitelist. Basically let the nice and frequently commenting people have their links magically drop the rel="nofollow". I am still wavering on the issue. Anyone have any thoughts?