Five Guaranteed Ways to Place A Story

by Christopher Wendels on oktober 22, 2010

The best way to publish your story

I was over on Peter Shankman’s blog a while back and bookmarked this post. I actually intended to write something earlier, but I just couldn’t seem to find the time.

Just in case you are too lazy to read the original (which you should because it’s funny) here’s the short (and boring) summary version.

How to Get Your Story Placed – Guaranteed

  1. Pitch totally off-topic
  2. Don’t EVER believe what a journalist tells you
  3. Follow up at least every two hours
  4. Make sure no reporter gets away with writing a piece on your industry without mentioning you
  5. Never give them your contact details

For more details on how to successfully place your story on the front page of any paper, blog, e-zine or related head over to the original post.


PS: If you’re really so stupid as to not realize this is complete and utter sarcasm, and you should NOT do anything listed above, close down your computer – You’re too stupid to be using the Internet.