Learn to Keep It Simple Stupid

oktober 25, 2010
Keep It Simple Stupid - Dealing With Stupidity

It really is amazing how many stupid people there are out there. No really. Just trying to think of examples of idiocy for this post I was overwhelmed by my own brainstorming. One of modern societies main failings is that we can’t seem to keep anything simple anymore. Learn to KISS If I could give [...]

Five Guaranteed Ways to Place A Story

oktober 22, 2010
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I was over on Peter Shankman’s blog a while back and bookmarked this post. I actually intended to write something earlier, but I just couldn’t seem to find the time. Just in case you are too lazy to read the original (which you should because it’s funny) here’s the short (and boring) summary version. How [...]

Chrome Extensions No SEO Should Be Without

oktober 16, 2010
Super SEO Chrome Extensions

I recently posted about my switch from Firefox to Google Chrome. In that post I covered how to set up multiple user profiles in Chrome. I mentioned in that post that I was able to finally make the switch because Chrome can (sort of) do all the things Firefox can used to be able to [...]

The Most Valuable Cookie

oktober 15, 2010

In order for me to properly set the mood for this post, it is appropriate for you to watch this short clip. Embed video: This Cookie is Junk! You hear me. The cookies you are using right now are junk. If it were in my power to rip your cookies away from your code and [...]

Multiple Google Chrome Profiles Setup

oktober 14, 2010
Setup Chrome Browser Multiple Users

Backstory: Firefox 3.6 happily crashed about five times a day. I got tired of it and I have now switched to Chrome. I loved Firefox because of the plugins. I have now found some adequate replacement extensions for Chrome, though (more in another post). I also liked Firefox better than Chrome because of multiple Profiles. [...]

GWT Search Queries

oktober 11, 2010
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This post dives into the “Your site on the web” section of the Google Webmaster Tools report. More specifically I have a bone to pick with the “Search Queries” section. For those of you who are not familiar with it Google has produced a section where you are shown some statistics for your website and [...]

OhLife – Review and Why You Should Sign Up

september 30, 2010
OhLife Online Journal

I set my first thirty-day challenge on August 17. My challenge was to use OhLife for thirty days without fail. Guess what! I passed my challenge. I made it. I really did. The really cool part is that I have kept up with it. Every day. How OhLife Works Every day (you decide when) you [...]

Spare Two Minutes of Your Time?

september 23, 2010
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Students at the Blekinge Institute of Technology are writing a paper on how we, as Facebook users, interact with companies on Facebook. As a part of the study the students are conducting a survey. The more data collected, the better the results of the survey. The survey took me less than two minutes to complete. [...]

The Ultimate SPAM Tactic to Make You Rich

september 22, 2010
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This post has been a long time coming. I watched the movie “Hot Tub Time Machine“, which wasn’t all that great. Except for one tiny little detail. What about Twitter, whatever the fuck that is. Hey, we could combine Twitter with fucking Viagra … Twittagra! I laughed so hard I had trouble breathing. Then, all [...]

DoFollow – The Road Not Taken

september 14, 2010
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I was just over on another blog with two things worth mentioning. The first is that the site uses a WP-Plugin called commentluv. (today we also define irony)